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Closing Out 2022

Dear friends,

Time to close off another year - one that’s remained as challenging as previous years - but also one in which we celebrated a significant milestone: turning five. Everyone at Team MING and many of our partners are deeply appreciative of the patronage, feedback, and patience extended to us in this time. 

As we start to leave the pandemic behind, I can’t help but reflect on how turbulent and uncertain the future seemed for us and many of our partners in March 2020. Everyone who’s bought a watch or accessory from us since then has contributed not just to bringing MT’s ideas to life, but also to enabling the watchmakers, artisans, engineers, and everyone involved in the production process to continue doing what they do best. 

I think it’s been easy to lose sight of this amid everything that’s happened the last three years - so, thank you. 2023 is shaping up to be unpredictable in its own way, but we look forward to navigating it together with you and our partners. 

Looking to the next 12 months, the team is hard at work catching up on the delays we’ve faced. Those of you who read MT’s post a few weeks ago will know that we’ve decided to delay launches until production and deliveries get back on track. We are also using the intervening period to broaden and further refine our component supply chain and reduce the wait times - especially for our more accessible watches.

Which brings me to a more positive note - a sneak peek at what we have in store for 2023:


⁃                The second generation of movements in partnership with Schwarz Etienne

⁃                A new flagship case family, starting with a Worldtimer

⁃                Several Special Projects Cave watches - including a chronograph or two

⁃                Expanding our 37-case family 

⁃                … and lastly, we’re still working on the Ultralight. (You can find MT’s last project update here)


With travel nearly back to normal, we are also working on an event calendar for next year. Hasnida and I are looking forward to meeting you in person.  

A minor logistical note to draw things to a close: for the first time since we started in August 2017, we will be closing our office for Christmas and New Year’s. We will pause taking orders for accessories and pause shipments until the week of 9 January 2023. Any emails or enquiries sent between 23 December and 8 January will also be taken care of as soon as the team is back.

Until then, happy holidays and best wishes for 2023!


- Praneeth

Published: 24th December 2022