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On Deliveries And Delays

There comes a time, or times, in the life of every company where we face challenges. Some serious challenges whose scope goes beyond our ability to resolve internally, because a watch is a complex thing - hundreds of parts from nearly as many suppliers, and if any one of those suffers a delay or issues - then everything gets pushed back accordingly. In the current state of events, global manufacturing as a whole is facing supply chain constraints and disruptions at every level. The same is true of the watch industry as everything is increasingly interconnected - raw material supplies, logistics, machine parts and tools etc.

We are acutely aware that we have been sending multiple notifications to customers advising of delays in delivery - when we do this, it’s based on the latest and most accurate information we have from our partners and suppliers at the time. We believe these updates are what we would like to receive as well, if we were on the customer side. However, we also realise that it all becomes frustrating when delays extend and compound.

I would like to take this opportunity to reassure all of you waiting for watches that they are being produced and delivered (as you’ve no doubt seen on social media and on fellow collectors’ wrists), but just more slowly than any of us would like. Deliveries will be completed, but will unfortunately take longer than expected and with somewhat elastic timelines as supply chain delays propagate down the line. We need to ask for your forgiveness and patience in this journey and for your trust that we will complete all projects as we have done in the past.

As things stand, the longest delays are with the 20.11 and 20.01 Series 2 due to production of the Mosaic dials; 37.05 is a bit less delayed. To the best of our knowledge, 22.01, 37.07 and 37.04 remain on track at the moment.

In light of all this, we have decided to postpone all watch launches originally planned over the next 5-6 months until production and deliveries get back on track, and use the intervening period to broaden and further refine our component supply chain prior to release.

I know you will still be eager for an update on your watch, so Hasnida and the team will be in touch with each of you individually in the coming days.

Thank you again for your understanding. It’s been a crazy journey so far, and with your continued support and patience, this minor bump in the road should soon be past and we can look forward to some of the really exciting things we have in the works.


Published: October 2022