Horologer MING - Watches by MING
Timekeeping Accuracy

While all our watches are regulated and subjected to an extensive test program, the accuracy experienced in actual use can and will vary significantly from watch to watch. This happens for the following reasons:

Differences in wearing patterns
State of wind
Where are your products manufactured?
Why do you ship from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?
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What currency are your products priced in?
Are your prices inclusive of local taxes and import duties?
Why do you not participate in holiday sales or offer discounts on your products?
Shipping & Returns
What shipping services do you use?
What countries do you ship to?
What is your returns policy?
Warranty & Service
How long is your warranty?
What is covered by the warranty?
What is NOT covered by the warranty?
How often should I have my MING watch serviced and how does the service process work?
Water Resistance
How do I know what my watch’s water resistance is?  
Can I swim with my MING?
Can I swim in the ocean with my MING?
Can I shower with my MING?