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Total production: 50 pieces, delivery 2022

Our first series production chronograph had to be something special. Building on the 20.01 Concept and the 20.01 Mosaic, the 20.01 Series 2 raises the bar even higher.

Dialing up complex layers

The new face of the 20.01 trades transparency for layering. The dial base is formed of a grade 2 titanium plate with a Clous-de-Paris pattern, that also serves as a functional bridge component for some of the setting train. On top of that, a sapphire dial with gradient print fades the Clous-de-Paris pattern from the edges to an opaque inky black background for the scale markings; finally, above that lies a final sapphire dial with an all-new triangular mosaic. This consists of 3,300 triangular elements of varying sizes etched at three different heights and varying opacity into a 1.1mm thick optical-grade sapphire.

It gets more complex, however. The same sapphire dial also carries a HyCeram index track, while the minute scale, pulsometer and tachymeter scales are on the top crystal to minimize parallax against the chronograph hands. Both scales and chronograph hands are color coordinated for easy indexing: orange for seconds-functions, blue for minutes-functions. Finally, the hands are loaded with Super-LumiNova X1 as well.

The classical chronograph, reinterpreted

The 20.01 Series 2 is powered by the AgenGraphe by Agenhor - arguably one of the most significant and sophisticated chronograph movements available today. It contains many advanced and unique features such as a central chronograph core; Agenhor’s proprietary backlash-free gears; proprietary horizontal clutch mechanism; instantaneous jumping minutes; snail reset cams; overwind protection, and proprietary regulation mechanism. The clutch system has even been improved further since the initial 20.01 versions for smoother engagement.

It is presented in a configuration unique to MING: a classical 60-minute counter, manual winding and no subdials. We took this even further by finishing our plates and bridges in anthracite DLC with diamond cut edges – for both longevity of surface finishing and consistency of aesthetics across all of our second-generation watches.

A case of visual illusion

The 20.01 Series 2 is housed in a grade 5 titanium case with flying blade lugs, contrasting DLC titanium caseband and with no fewer than ten major components. The core casering carries crown and pushers and supports the movement; surrounding this is a cage with separate left and right lug pieces and upper and lower bezels that interlock geometrically. The entire assembly is compressed together and sealed by just four screws.

Hiding the interface between lugs and bezel on the inside corner of the lugs allows for the both the core casering and outer cage elements to appear seamless and spatially impossible: how did a continuous yet clearly separate component get inside the outer cage?

Numerous visual levels in the case allow for contrasting adjacent finishes to give the watch visual lightness and a dynamic way of interacting with light. It also allowed us to make a larger watch (41.5mm) to address collector requests but maintaining wearability for a wide variety of wrist sizes.

One last thing: no more keepers

The 20.01 Series 2 will be one of our first watches to be offered on a keeperless buckle system that tucks the unused hole portion of the strap underneath the opposite end. By doing this, a given strap length works for a wider range of sizes because the unused portion effectively increases the diameter of smaller wrists. We find the overall configuration to be neater, more comfortable, more secure and more visually harmonious. Finally, the buckle also has built in microadjustment simply by moving the springbar.

An all-star cast of partners

As with all Special Projects Cave pieces, the 20.01 Series 2 is a real example of what can be achieved through a strong group of partners: Agenhor for movement; Manufacture Schwarz-Etienne for construction and assembly; DM Surfaces for dial; Jean Rousseau for straps and Stuio Koji Sato for finishing pouches. It remains our continuing privilege to work with such a capable team.

- Functions:

  • Hours and minutes
  • Central chronograph with seconds and 60-minute counter
  • Instantaneous jumping minutes

- Case, dial & hands:

  • 41.5mm diameter, 14.2mm thickness
  • Grade 5 titanium with 34 parts and 4 different finishes
  • Polished and brushed bezel and ‘flying blade’ lugs; DLC coated caseband
  • Domed sapphire crystal front and rear, with double-sided antireflective coating
  • Front crystal with etched and luminous minute markings
  • 1.3mm thick sapphire dial with HyCeram ceramic Super-LumiNova fill and gradient fade
  • Grade 2 titanium dial base, guilloched with a clous de Paris pattern
  • Hands with Superluminova X1 fill
  • 50m water resistance
  • 22mm lug width

- Movement:

  • Agenhor for MING Agengraphe Cal. 6361.M1,
  • 34mm diameter, 5.35mm thickness
  • Central chronograph with proprietary Agenhor coupling mechanism, regulator and upgraded clutch
  • Manual winding with overwind protection and twin skeletonized barrels
  • DLC coated bridges and plates in three shades with diamond cut anglage
  • ~55h power reserve at full wind
  • Movement adjusted to six positions

- Made in Switzerland

MING continually aims to improve aesthetics and functionality of products where possible; to this end we reserve the right to make changes prior to final delivery.