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To Swim, Or Not To Swim

We often receive questions regarding water resistance, for example - “is it safe to go for a swim with a MING that’s rated to 100m without a screw down crown?"

All of our watches produced to date (as of August 2023) are safe to swim with, provided you keep a few things in mind:  

-      The water resistance for your MING is exactly what the caseback says: i.e. a 27.02 with a 50m rating will be fine at 50m actual depth. Similarly, the 18.01 H41 will be quite comfortable all the way down to 1 kilometer below sea level.

-     Please ensure the crown is completely pushed in or screwed down before a swim and do not operate the crown or pushers underwater. After the swim, we recommend you rinse the watch with fresh water and dry it off completely before using crown or pushers.

-      Bathing, showering and hot tubs are NOT recommended: detergents, soaps and hot water can cause the sealing gaskets to deteriorate at an accelerated rate, which will result in the watch no longer being water resistant.

-     If you regularly diver or swim in the ocean, we recommend both rinsing the watch after use as well as having your watch checked for water resistance at least once a year. A certified watchmaker will be able to help test the water resistance.

We hope this helps!

- Team MING

Published: 7th August 2023