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The World of MING Watch Straps!

Welcome to our strap guide! We are thrilled to offer an exceptional and diverse collection of watch straps, carefully designed and specc’d to ensure each strap harmonizes with your cherished MING.

The Uniqueness of our Tuck Buckle:

The tuck buckle is the most distinctive design element on our keeperless straps. This ingeniously designed buckle allows the long end of strap to “tuck” under the short and guarantees a luxuriously snug fit.

A Range of Exquisite Materials:

At MING, we take pride in partnering with the best strap makers such as Jean Rousseau in Paris and offering a range of materials – each offering a different look and character to the watch while still remaining comfortable and refined.

Effortless Elegance with Quick-ReleaseConvenience:

Enjoy the freedom of effortless strap changes with our curved quick-release spring bars. Seamlessly switch between various straps to match your mood and style. Moreover, as each strap comes equipped with our signed tuck buckle* - strap changes truly are tool-less and within seconds.

*Our buckle also features a half-hole micro-adjustment for ultimate comfort, but this requires the use of a spring bar tool.

Discover Your Perfect Match with our diverse strap collection, each offering a distinct personality:

Alcantara Straps: Experience the luxurious feel of Alcantara, an exquisite material well known to automobile enthusiasts for its comfort and durability. Our Alcantara straps are lined with rubber for a striking balance between comfort and practicality. Alcantara is a synthetic, hypoallergenic material and great for those who are sensitive to leathers.

Barenia Straps: Elevate your wrist game with high-grade barenia leather, available in an array of colors. Barenia is well known for how soft and rich it looks and feels – we line these straps with Alcantara for maximum comfort. These are our most pliable straps. Please note that Barenia patinas over time and gains character.

Watersafe Rubber Straps: Dive into adventures fearlessly with our water-safe rubber straps. Easy to clean and offered in a variety of fun colors, they complement your active lifestyle.

Smooth Calf Straps: A simple, reliable strap with a harder wearing (than Barenia) yet soft leather and Alcantara lining. This is the tried and tested MING strap that’s been in use since our19.01 (along with the Textured Calf straps). These leathers do not patina like the Barenia straps.

Sapphire Straps: If you’d like a little more depth and character to your timepiece, our textured calf straps are ideal. They are the most hard wearing of all our leather straps and are quite durable, while remaining comfortable on the wrist. These were previously known as textured calf straps.

Elastogator Straps: Our latest strap offering – for collectors who like the look of alligator leather straps but without the CITES, sourcing and other concerns normally associated with alligator leather. Our Elastogator straps are made from natural rubber and with an Alcantara lining. This makes them incredibly comfortable, pliable and hypoallergenic while retaining the visual appeal that has made alligator straps so popular to date.

Tailored for a Perfect Fit:

We offer two strap sizes to ensure a comfortable and seamless fit:

 - Regular/Standard: Ideal for wrist sizes ranging from 6”- 8.3” or 152-210mm. Dimensions: 20x18mm, 60/115mm in length.

 - Short: Perfect for wrists under 6” or152mm. Dimensions: 20x18mm, 55x110mm in length.

Straps are also offered in 20mm and 22mm widths – please be sure to select the appropriate width for your watch. At the time of writing this, only our 20-series and 29-series watches require a 22mm strap. All other MINGs work with a 20mm strap.

How to Attach Your Straps:

Attaching your new strap to your MING is a breeze:

1.    Before you can attach your new strap, you will have to take off the old one. To do so, locate the quick release pin on the spring bar at the ends of the watch strap/ near the lugs.

2.    Using your fingernail or a springbar tool, gently push the pin inwards and lift the strap to release it from the lug hole. Repeat the process with the other half of the strap.

3.    On the new strap, push the quick release pin in again and carefully slide one end of the spring bar into the lug hole and then the other end, releasing the pin and adjusting until you hear a satisfying click, indicating a secure fit. Repeat the process for the other half of the strap.

4.    You can test the fit by gently tugging both ends of the strap together, while holding it where it connects with the case. Voilà! Your MING watch is ready with its fresh new look!

We hope this guide serves you well in selecting the perfect strap for your cherished MING. Each strap enhances not only the aesthetics but also the wearing experience for your watch. Explore our exceptional collection and find the strap that resonates with your unique style here: www.ming.watch/collections/straps

Happy accessorizing!

Published: 1st August 2023