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Presenting the MING 37.09 Bluefin

We are excited to finally surface Project Bluefin, our latest dive watch.

This category of watch has always been challenging to design and the 37.09 Bluefin is no different. A successor to the 18.01 H41, we initially wanted it to exceed its predecessor in technical ability, but achieving this resulted in severe aesthetic and ergonomic compromises – there is only so much you can do with a 19mm thick case. So we decided to change tacks conceptually to a slimmer diver in the more elegant architecture of the 37-series.

The 37.09 Bluefin is our first watch with an internally rotating, unidirectional Super-LumiNova filled sapphire dial which replaces the function of a conventional timing bezel. With precise engineering and considered design, we managed to hit a 600m water resistance even with a display back. All of this is packed into a case that measures just 38x12.8mm, making the watch comfortable for a variety of wrist sizes. 

We also debut our new moulded FKM rubber strap on the 37.09 Bluefin. The natural shape of the strap matches the curvature of the average wrist, and it is tapered in thickness for additional comfort. We didn’t think it would be this hard or this expensive to develop, but the whole team agrees that this is one of the most comfortable straps we’ve ever worn.

Full details and additional images are now available here. Orders open on 24 May at 1PM GMT, which is:

The 37.09 Bluefin is priced at CHF 4,950 and we are producing 500 watches in this batch. A 50% deposit (CHF 2,475) is required for order confirmation, and we expect deliveries to start October 2024.

As always, let us know if you have any questions, and a huge thanks in advance for your support!

-Team MING

Published: 23rd May 2024