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Presenting the MING 37.08 Sand

Today, it is our pleasure to present the first in a series of accessible, deep-relief textured watches: the 37.08 Sand.

Inspired by several things - seabed ripples in the shallow, calm water before the tide line; golden sun on windblown powder; or flying over the desert, the 37.08 Sand extends the 37-series family with colour and playfulness.

Please find full details and additional pictures here. The 37.08 Sand will be available to order from 1PM GMT on Thursday, 16 November or:

This variant is limited to 500 pieces* and is priced at CHF 3,950 with a 50% deposit required for order confirmation.

As with the 37.07 Monolith, we are pleased to see our efforts to significantly reduce wait times pay off: deliveries for the 37.08 Sand will start in December 2023 (i.e. 3 weeks from now).

As always, we’re available at hello@ming.watch if you have any questions, and thanks in advance for your support!

-Team MING

*A prototype of the 37.08 Sand will be on display at Dubai Watch Week and we will be holding a small number of watches for availability during the week.

Published: 16th November 2023