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MING 5th Anniversary Poster

Thank you for making our 5th anniversary celebrations memorable - from the overwhelming support for the 37.07 and 37.04 Monopusher, to welcoming Hasnida to the team and to everyone who made time to visit us in New York.

We have one final announcement to wrap up the celebrations: a fifth anniversary poster by the inimitable Lee Yuen-Rapati/ @onehourwatch!

MT and Lee worked closely for several months to conceptualise this drawing - overflowing with references to all the watches we’ve made in the last five years and then some. In true Lee style, it is full of details (and Easter Eggs) and the most extensive reinterpretation of the MING-verse to date. The original drawing was completely done by hand over a (estimated and painstaking) couple hundred hours by Lee.

The poster is 28.5x21.5 inches* and a faithful, high resolution reproduction of the original drawing on archival grade canvas. The reproduction and printing is done by Wesley Wong of Giclee Art, MT’s partner-in-crime from his days as a photographer.

The 5th Anniversary Poster is priced at CHF 250 inclusive of global shipping (does not include import duties) and will be available to order starting now and until 1PM GMT, September 10. All orders received until then are guaranteed a print.

For delivery, we have 200x posters printed, packed and ready to ship this week. Beyond this, we will print, pack and ship 50x posters a week until all orders are fulfilled.

Orders can be placed here.

Huge shoutout to Lee for helping us make this happen and to all of you, for your continued support!

-Team MING

*The print area is A2 with an approximately 2.5 inch border all around

Published: September 2022