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Pre-Launch Information: MING 37.09 Bluefin

MING 37.09 Bluefin

It’s been a while since the 18.01 H41, and a common question at events and in our inbox is, “When is the next diver?”  We’re happy to say the wait ends soon...

Our new diver, the 37.09 Bluefin will be our first watch with an internally rotating timing dial, in place of a traditional bezel, and manages to hit 600m of water resistance with a display back. Full details and pictures will be available at www.ming.watch on Thursday, May 23 at 1PM GMT.

We will open for orders  on Friday, May 24 at 1PM GMT, or:

The 37.09 Bluefin is priced at CHF 4,950 and 500 watches are being produced in this batch. They will be available exclusively via www.ming.watch and a 50% deposit (CHF 2,475) is required to confirm orders. Deliveries are expected to commence from October 2024.

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Until Thursday!

-Team MING

Published: 20th May 2024