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Growing partnerships: Checkout.com

At MING, we’ve always believed in the strength of working together, and our collaborators have helped us grow into the brand we are today. It is thus my pleasure to announce a new partnership with Checkout.com, a leading payment processing company.

To you, our customers and collectors, the most noticeable change will be the availability of Apple Pay, a significantly improved user experience for Visa and MasterCard and in the course of the next few months, the ability to make payments via American Express. 

I’d like to thank every customer who’s taken the time to share feedback and been patient while we’ve updated our e-commerce capabilities and payment options. 

In addition to being the best payment solutions provider, the team at Checkout.com share a passion for watches and thus understand the unique needs and challenges of a young brand with an online-only presence. This makes them the perfect partner and they have worked closely with us to provide, what I believe to be, a seamless and pain-free payment solution. 

All future releases*, starting with our newly announced Travel Case, will use Checkout.com’s gateway and processing services. For those of you who’ve supported us since before the pandemic, I trust you’ll find the new system incorporates all the feedback shared and received. 

Thank you!


*For a host of international accounting and legal reasons, existing pre-orders up to and including 37.07 Mosaic will have to be concluded on our previous payment system.

Published: 12 December 2022