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Expanding Our US Presence

As we approach our sixth birthday - in reality, more like ninth if you count the work behind the scenes - it feels like we have passed several new milestones: watch number 10,000 (a 37.07 for the company archives) was completed in June, we are signing off on watches for launch in 2025, we’ve been asked to do an omakase-style SPC in which the watch won’t be shown or specification known to customers until delivery - and our community keeps growing.

Recognizing this growth and with North America remaining our biggest MING community (and most oblique timezone from HQ), we have been looking for a suitable candidate to extend the quality of experience in the region. Thus, please join me in welcoming a new member to the MING team - Carlotta Bosher, who will be our first North American Representative. She has extensive experience in the independent watch space and, and I’m sure is a familiar name to many of you in New York ;)

We look forward to seeing you all soon at our US events later this year. And it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t have a surprise or two in waiting…


-Team MING

Published: 9th August 2023