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Changes To Existing Customer Policy

A couple weeks ago, Praneeth hinted at upcoming changes to improve the ownership experience. We start with the first and perhaps most significant of these today - a revision to the existing customer policy:

We do not take this change lightly, and it comes after significant internal debate and taking into account feedback from many of you. We believe that this is the least we can do to express our thanks for all of your support. It will also help us both connect with enthusiasts who might not have had a chance to purchase directly from us - and strengthen our anti-flipping efforts.

If you currently own a MING that was purchased anywhere other than www.ming.watch, you can verify your ownership via this form or the button below.

Finally, we are also having a giveaway in appreciation of our existing customers as part of our 5th Anniversary celebrations! Please see here for more details.

Thank you!

- Team MING

*Secondary market purchases qualify

Published: August 2022