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The Quest For All Positions By Jack Forster

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A Quest For All Position is our first book and a compendium of the first 5 years, 50+ references, and much horological masochism and (mis)adventure.

Looking back at our first 5 years, we have so many anecdotes, Easter eggs, lessons, and we even managed to put out 50+ watches. We wanted to document all of this before we started to forget.

We couldn’t think of a better person to put this into words than Jack Forster. Not only because he’s forgotten more about watches than most of us will ever learn, but also because MT and Jack have known each other for over 2 decades now: starting off on opposite sides of several horological debates, back in the early days of the watch Internet.

Each book comes in at 282-pages, 21 chapters and 3.5 kilograms. In addition to Jack’s words and MT’s pictures, there is also a complete collection of all the onehourwatch/ Lee Yuen Rapati for MING drawings ever made.

Books are in stock and ready to ship, just in time for the holidays!

- 30x30x4cm, 3.5kg, 282 pages

- Language of publication: English

- Linen-bound hardcover, with a linen dustcover

- Printed on sustainable materials by Artron Art Printing

- Published by Horologer Ming SA

- First edition of 500 copies