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This watch is sold out with deliveries complete. It will not be produced again. This archive is for reference and information only.

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Total production: 7 pieces, delivered 2021

The 19.CR Monopusher is a special subscription piece created for our customers who supported the development of the metallized gradient on sapphire and Globolight luminous hands processes. Seven watches will be produced and the watch features a vintage Venus 140 movement with monopusher function, 30-min chrono counter and manual winding.

Each of the seven watches has a movement with differing finishing and cosmetic condition. The watch pictured above is MT's personal piece.

This guide applies to the following watches/ variants:


Winding & power reserve:

  • Each 19.CR Monopusher is equipped with a unique, vintage Venus 140 hand/manual winding movement.
  • This movement has a ~36 hour power reserve when fully wound.
  • The movement can be wound by turning the crown clockwise (away from you).
  • The movement is not equipped with a hard stop. As such it should be wound carefully and once an increased resistance is felt, please stop winding.

Setting the time:

The crown has two positions:

  • The first position (pushed all the way in) is where the crown should be for wearing and to ensure water resistance. The watch can also be hand wound in this position.
  • The second position (one click out) allows for the setting of the hour and minute hands. Once the time is set, please push the crown back in to ensure water resistance.
  • Please stop the chronograph before setting the time.

Operating the chronographe:

  • To start, stop and reset the chronographe, push the pusher at 4 o' clock.
  • Avoid pulling out the crown while the chronograph is still running.
  • Do not operate the chronograph while underwater.

Please note:

  • Due to the age of the movement and lack of clearance to retrofit, there is no shock protection on the balance staff.
  • While we maintain spare parts and the case is modern and water resistant, we strongly recommend treating the 19.CR the same as any vintage watch from the 1940s.

Other useful information:

  • The best way to clean the watch is with a soft, clean and damp cloth. We strongly discourage the use of any cleaning agents or solutions.
  • We use different formulations and techniques to apply lume on the dials, hands, crystal and other components etc. This results in a slight difference in the peak brightness and length of luminesence between the two. This is normal.
  • Modern luminous material requires charging to work effectively. Lume can be charged with direct exposure to bright sunlight or a strong light source such as a LED torch. The stronger the light source, the faster lume charges.