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Horologer MING - Watches by MING
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This watch is sold out with deliveries complete. It will not be produced again. This archive is for reference and information only.

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Deliberate to the last detail

The MING 17.01 reveals its personality over time. It rewards the wearer with each interaction – from the way the multi-layered dial interacts with light, to the curves of the case-lug interface, to the feel of the crown.

A classical case diameter of 38mm was chosen to suit a wide variety of attire and situations, with polished and finely brushed surfaces juxtaposed to accentuate the flowing lines of the case. Short lugs and a smooth, minimal bezel gives the 17.01 presence but maintains wearability.

Each watch includes a set of three calfskin straps in tan, dark blue and burgundy, curated to offer diverse personalities to the watch. Strap changes are effortless and require no tools as each strap has curved quick release pins and is fitted with its own buckle.

Each dial color is limited to 150 pieces and will not be reproduced. Delivery is in staggered batches due to assembly and testing time.

Quality and Reliability

The case of the 17.01 is machined from grade 5 titanium for wearing comfort and lightness, and is certified to 100m water resistance for peace of mind. The 1.5mm thick sapphire crystal is treated with an internal anti-reflective coating for optimum visibility. The caseband is a single unit without spacer rings, to maximize rigidity.

The 17.01 is powered by the robust, reliable and easy-to-service Swiss Sellita SW210-1. A hand-wound movement was selected because it invites the owner to pause and interact with the watch daily. Even though the watch has no second hand or even minute markings, all movements are regulated in five positions and subjected to a 250 hour testing programme, further backed up with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

- Functions: time only, hours and minutes

  • Case, dial & hands:
  • 38mm diameter, 9.3mm thickness, grade 5 titanium case with solid caseback
  • Polished bezel and lugs; finely brushed caseband
  • Sapphire crystal with internal antireflective coating
  • Rigid case without spacer rings
  • 100m water resistance with triple crown gaskets and nitrogen filling
  • Composite, multi-layer, three-part sapphire dial
  • Dial available in blue or anthracite colour; limited to 150 pieces each

- Straps:

  • 3x included- tan, dark blue, burgundy
  • 20x18mm curved fitting, with quick release pins at lug end
  • Will fit 160-210mm wrist circumference
  • Pin buckle in stainless steel

- Movement:

  • Hand-winding mechanical movement Sellita SW210-1
  • 42 hour power reserve
  • 28,800 bph (4Hz)
  • Hacking function
  • Movement adjusted to five positions with a 250-hour test program

- 1-year warranty against defects

- Made in Switzerland

- Delivery package includes three calf leather straps (tan/dark blue/burgundy colour, curved case attachment, quick release pins, buckles fitted), a presentation case and a leather travel pouch

This guide applies to the following watches/ variants:

  • 17.01 Anthracite
  • 17.01 Blue

Winding & power reserve:

  • The 17.01 is equipped with a hand/manual winding Sellita SW210-1 movement.
  • This movement has a ~40 hour power reserve when fully wound.
  • The movement can be wound by turning the crown clockwise (away from you).
  • The movement is equipped with a hard stop, to avoid overwinding. When you feel a resistance or a point beyond which the crown will not turn, please stop winding.
  • Forcing the crown past this point will damage the mainspring and result in the watch requiring an out-of-warranty service.

Setting the time:

The crown has two positions:

  • The first position (pushed all the way in) is where the crown should be for wearing and to ensure water resistance. This position is also the hand winding position.
  • The second position (one click out) is for setting the hour and minute hands. Time can be set in either direction and once set, the crown must be pushed back in. The watch is not water resistant when the crown is pulled out.

Other useful information:

  • The best way to clean the watch is with a soft, clean and damp cloth. We strongly discourage the use of any cleaning agents or solutions.
  • We use different formulations and techniques to apply lume on the dials, hands, crystal and other components etc. This results in a slight difference in the peak brightness and length of luminesence between the two. This is normal.
  • Modern luminous material requires charging to work effectively. Lume can be charged with direct exposure to bright sunlight or a strong light source such as a LED torch. The stronger the light source, the faster the lume charges.
  • The 17.01 uses a pressure fit bezel design - this means that a small notch between the bezel and the caseband maybe visible on close examination, on the 9 o'clock side of the watch. This is normal and necessary for the removal of the bezel for future service and maintenance.