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The MING 2020 Concept Set

The MING 2020 Concept Set

2020 has been a challenging and unexpected year for all of us. We had big plans, some of which we’ve presented, and some of which have been delayed, deferred or forever changed. On the bright side, we were offered a unique opportunity by Phillips & Blackbird, in the form of the RETROSPECTIVE 2000-2020 auction, to leave a high point with not one, but three unique watches including an all-new flagship family for us: the 20 series.

Past, Present and Future

The three watches celebrate the MING philosophy, and are representative markers of where our thinking originated, where it is today, and where it will go. They are once again the product of strong partnerships and our masochistic determination to ask ‘what if?’

All three watches are piece unique prototypes and the only watches of their type in existence – there are no others held within the company or in the wild. They are offered complete with our standard two year warranty against mechanical defects and include a comprehensive accessory package that will be delivered to the final buyer.

They were offered as a set in the Phillips & Blackbird: RETROSPECTIVE 2000-2020 Auction on 8 November 2020 and sold for a final hammer price of CHF 81,900 including buyer's premium.

These watches are and will remain unique and will not be reproduced ever again - even by special request.

Please visit the below links for details on each of the watches in the set:

  1. Past: MING 18.01 6.39 Concept
  2. Present: MING 20.01 S1 Concept
  3. Future: MING 27.02 Concept

Published: October 2020