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Presenting the MING 37.08 Starlight

Today we are happy to introduce the MING 37.08 Starlight, the latest in our series of fun, elemental watches with distinctive dials.

The 37.08 Starlight is the second addition to the series following the 37.08 Sand which debuted at Dubai Watch Week last year. This time, the Aventurine dial brings to mind a clear night sky, with subtly sparkling stars over a deep blue-black base. The  itself can vary significantly in both color and metallic sparkle; we went through quite a number of variants before finding one with the desired effect.

The MING 37.08 Starlight is the first 37-series watch to ship on our second generation 20mm universal bracelet, making it a suitable dress watch. Featuring a polished top and brushed sides, the bracelet has a harmonious transition between lugs and end-links and echoes the complex and compound curves of our cases.  Both dial and bracelet give the 37.08 Starlight an unapologetically formal interpretation that is still at home in a wide variety of situations.

The universal bracelet is made of 316L stainless steel and comes with a Bergeon screwdriver for sizing. The sculpted leaf links flow around your wrist and are easily adjusted and fits wrist sizes ranging from 5.4 in to 8.2 in in 2.5mm increments thanks to the inclusion of ⅔ links. It also features quick release pins for easy interchange with straps and a concealed double butterfly clasp.

Full details and additional images are now available here. Orders open tomorrow on 28 June at 1PM GMT, which is:

The 37.08 Starlight is priced at CHF 4,500 and we are producing 300 watches in this batch. A 50% deposit (CHF 2,250) is required for order confirmation, and we expect deliveries to start in about six weeks.

As always, let us know if you have any questions, and a huge thanks in advance for your support!


Published: 27th June 2024