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In Focus : MING 37.09 Bluefin

We have always enjoyed engaging with the MING community on design, engineering and technology - three things dear to our hearts. As we grow, we would like to continue these conversations with you and so will be sharing monthly editions of MING/Journal to tell the stories behind our watches and what we love about them.

Our spiritual successor to the 18.01s and our most recent release, the 37.09 Bluefin, is today’s focus. We’ve talked about how we originally aimed to exceed the Abyss in water resistance rating. We succeeded, but did not like the aesthetic and ergonomic compromises that came with an 19mm-thick case. We then challenged ourselves to go down a different conceptual path to create something slimmer and more refined. At first glance, this should make engineering simpler since we would not have to hit the same technical goalposts. But as it turns out, the technical challenges involved in making a sapphire dial function as a unidirectional timing bezel were no easier.

Below we focus on some of the engineering highlights to creating this unique diver. If you missed out on this year’s batch, the 37.09 Bluefin is available via waitlist here.  And for those looking for a dressier MING, jump to the end for pre-launch info on our next release this week!

In Focus: MING 37.09 Bluefin

The Bluefin evolved as we asked ourselves the question, "Can we create a piece that is aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and still meets all the technical standards required of a dive watch?" The answer lies in the roles played by the case, dial and crown.

The Case

MING 37.09 Bluefin

The case may appear similar to its 37-series siblings but was in fact completely reengineered and reprofiled to accommodate two crowns, thicker sapphire crystals, and the additional gaskets required to hit the 600m WR.

Featuring alternating polished and brushed finishes, it has a generous visual presence due to the almost complete absence of a bezel.

As a result we have a watch that is sized at a comfortable and versatile 38x12.8mm (2.8mm of which are the domed sapphire crystal).

The Dial

MING 37.09 Bluefin

We take our dials very seriously at MING. The Bluefin dial took us 2 years, several dead ends and a handful of suppliers to realise. The base sapphire is machined and laser engraved (a feat in itself!) while the reverse side of the dial has a proprietary double layer, chromium based metallisation applied before the laser engraved channels are filled with multiple layers of Super-LumiNova X1 and the turning rings are glued onto the dial.

This results in a colour shift on inversion to an intense blue - a first for us - and creates a lot visual depth and dynamic internal reflections.

The Crown

MING 37.09 Bluefin

Most dive watch crowns screw down for water resistance. In the case of the Bluefin, the crown for setting the timing dial at 4 o'clock is designed to be used underwater - it rotates in one direction only, is double gasketed and does not pull out.

The red warning indicator on the 2 o'clock crown tube will be familiar to owners of the 18.01. It's an easy, visual warning to let a wearer know the crown isn't screwed down. The different coloured infills on the crowns help the wearer differentiate between time-setting and rotating crowns at a glance.

MING 37.09 Bluefin

And one more thing...

The 37.09 Bluefin marked the debut of our new moulded FKM rubber strap , with curved bars and universal compatibility with all of our other 20mm lug watches. It was developed to follow the natural shape of the wrist, with the relaxed curvature of the strap forming a 70x50mm oval. In addition to the sculptural surfacing and our logo on the top, the buckle side is also pocketed to comfortably receive the longer end in the same fashion as our tuck buckle straps. It is keeperless and tapered in thickness to sit comfortably on the wrist, and with a compound balanced between softness for comfort and support for heavier watch heads. It is available in both regular and short. Keep an eye out for the straps at www.ming.watch.

Pre-Launch Info: 37.08 Starlight

A heads up for fans of our 37-series who've been waiting for a dressier piece - we just might have something for you. Prepare to be starstruck by the reveal this Thursday, June 27 at 1PM GMT.

The 37.08 Starlight will open for orders on Friday, June 28 at 1PM GMT, or:

You can also  follow the conversation and launch on IG @mingwatches.

We hope you enjoyed the highlight on the 37.09 Bluefin and as always, thank you for supporting us in realising our horological ideas.


MING 37.08 Starlight

Published: 24th June 2024