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How To Satisfy Everybody

We are extremely grateful to our customers and supporters for the great reception the 17.01 has received - unfortunately, this has also meant we have the good problem of (as at today, roughly ten days after launch) over 900 1,600 people (as of 26/8) on the waiting list for a watch. Whilst some may be tempted to extend the edition - we can confirm there will still only ever be 150 of each dial color for the 17.01, with 300 produced in total. Integrity and transparency are extremely important core values for us, and even more so as a new brand.

Some explanation of the process is required. Whilst we had watches ready at launch, the Swiss watchmakers' industry holiday for a good part of July and August disrupted completion of all 300 pieces. The 17.01 is assembled, regulated and tested in batches of 50 at our partner workshop in the Valais. Delivery to us depends on how long the final regulation and testing process takes - some adjustments may be required, and we'd rather watches be delivered correctly than quickly. Currently, we have sold and delivered half of the total run, with three batches remaining to be delivered during September - with arrival to our offices in Malaysia depending on customs etc.

Though oversubscription is a good problem to have - we had to find the fairest way to allow all interested collectors to own a watch. If we simply worked our way down the list, we would probably run into administrative headaches as not everybody will reply at the same time etc. The best solution we could devise (which we ourselves would be happy with as collectors) comes in two parts.

For the 17.01, simply do it the old fashioned way: may the fastest fingers win. This link takes you to a registration page where you can sign up for the notification when watches go back in stock. Once a batch arrives, we will send out an email to everybody on the list who didn't purchase one in the previous round - at that point, it's first come, first served.

The second part is less subtle: there will of course be more watches in future...

Thank you once again for your patience and support! MT