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Early Customer Feedback For The MING 17.01

With the first batch of MING 17.01s now delivered, we've been receiving messages from friends and customers and keep seeing our watches on social media. Below is some select feedback from customers around the world:

"The watch is superb, not just at the price point. I cannot wait for your other projects.  The aesthetic strikes a very strong chord with me, while the scientist in me is tickled by the engineering, craftsmanship and caring level of execution." - G. Terfloth

"I'm very pleased. I've been wearing it all day, and the dial is just beautiful. (I started out the morning wearing my Reverso Homage 1931 ultra thin, but switched when your package arrived. Nice touch adding two additional straps. I'll be switching around.  I love the quick change spring bars, and I don't understand why all manufacturers don't do that (like my Pateks and my Franck Mullers)." - H. Fink

"It's honestly a refreshing reminder as to how watches can be executed with great design and thought with minimal waste in an economic package. In some ways it's been more exciting than say PP or Lange, as it's very interesting to see what can be done with a lower budget. Congratulations once again and looking forward to what's in store!" - W. Kim

"I’m impressed. Case size seems perfect, still has reasonable heft even though it’s titanium. The dial is awesome… hard to describe, but somehow dynamic. Taken as a whole, this watch is a win." - J. Wood

"Hi Ming, got the watch. It’s amazing and the packaging is superb too. Great job and looking forward in seeing what’s next." - A. Ghotbi

"Received my Anthracite 17.01 yesterday and I'm ecstatic! It's even better in the flesh.  Congratulations on a job well done. Definitely looking forward to the blue dial version." - E. Christian

"It is my true belief, that this all was more than just a successful introduction, This was perfectly done, and I have worn the watch a lot since yesterday. I also very much appreciate the 3 straps to dress the watch up, down, or just under the radar, then for a casual way.

I will be looking forward to future developments and news from you and your brand. I am truly convinced you will also furtheron bring a significant attractiveness and positive image to the watch business and its collector community.

It will be a further big pleasure to recommend Ming as a very attractive source & valuable partner in the watch creator-client relationship." - H. Sochor

Thanks again to everyone who's supported us in our maiden effort! Team MING.