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In praise of the MING 27.01 ultra thin

Hands-On Review

Hodinkee (27 May 2020): "In some respects, I think this might be the most successful watch from Ming thus far – and I applaud the decision to make the watch in steel; in titanium..."

A Blog To Watch (20 January 2021) - "How satisfying it has been to see Ming Watches — made in Switzerland — be so embraced by the watch media, establishment (GPHG), and the collector community. There’s no other way to put it: There was an audaciousness to naming an independent Swiss-made watch brand Ming."

General Press Coverage

Hodinkee (1 May 2020): "In keeping with the theme of the GPHG award that Ming received last year, every Ming watch is a bit of a revelation, and the 27.01 is no exception. It's a beautifully made, and very beautifully thought-through watch, with every bit of the attention to detail we have come to expect from Ming watches."

Fratello Watches (1 May 2020): "The grey dial is gorgeous and I am sure the case is flawlessly finished. The use of a heavily reworked manual wind movement is also far more appealing to me."

MONOCHROME Watches (1 May 2020)

Watches by SJX (1 May 2020): "The most significant aspect of the evolution to the 27.01 is the movement, which is well-designed and attractive, and very much in tune with the brand’s house style."

WatchYaGonnaDoAboutIt (1 May 2020): "Coming back to what I was saying about finding the beauty behind all of these, the new MING 27.01 is truly loaded with outstanding features and is bound to be a valuable addition to any watch collection."

Robb Report Malaysia (1 May 2020): "It is still Ming to the core—one glance at the case shape, flared lugs, curved spring bars, and the zero for a 12 o’clock marker will confirm that. But virtually nothing has been left untouched—it is now cleaner, even more minimalist than before, with every element seeming to have shed weight to become more geometrically ideal."

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