MING Watch

Pre-launch Information: MING 27.01 & 27.02

We hope 2021 has started on a safer and brighter note than 2020.

Good news: the final batch of 27.01s, and production 27.02s will launch very soon.

As part of our continued desire to improve the purchasing experience, we plan to try something new. This launch will be split into three windows, with one dedicated to existing customers in appreciation for your continued support.

Batch 1 will be for existing customers only and will have 50x 27.01s and 50x 27.02s, available 14 January 2021. Details about access and timing will be e-mailed directly to existing customers. Please note that only people who have purchased a watch directly from us qualify. Accessory purchases and watches purchased on the secondary market do not qualify.

Batch 2 will have 50x 27.01s and 75x 27.02s, available 15 January 2021 at 1PM GMT, or:

Batch 3 will have 50x 27.01s and 75x 27.02s, available 22 January 2021 at 3AM GMT, or:

A few reminders about the ordering process:

Full details of the 27.02 will be available on 14 January but we can leave you with a few headline stats: sapphire dial, gradient guilloche, 38mm diameter, 6.9mm thick, priced at CHF 4,950. This will be the final batch of 27.01 and 27.02 and once sold, we will be retiring the 27-series permanently.

Published: January 2021