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Pre-launch Information: MING 17.09

Good news! The next 17-series will launch very soon.

To improve the purchasing experience and address demand, we are trying a few new things. Firstly, full details and images of the 17.09 will be released on 12 April 2021 at 1PM GMT, two days ahead of orders opening.

We will have three order batches with Batch 1 for existing customers only, with 75x of each variant, and orders opening 14 April 2021. Access details will be e-mailed directly to existing customers who have purchased a watch directly from us. Please note that accessories and secondary market watch purchases do not qualify.

Batch 2 is open to everyone, includes 150x of each variant, with deliveries beginning in October 2021. Orders open 15 April 2021 at 1PM GMT, or:

Finally, we have a time limited batch, also for everyone and we will take orders from 16 April 2021, 1PM GMT to 1.10PM GMT, or:

For this time limited batch:

A few cordial reminders:

We conclude with a few teasers prior to the full reveal on 12 April: 17.09 has a movement exclusive to us with an independently adjustable hour hand, Clous-de-Paris dial, 38mm diameter, two colour options and is priced at CHF 1,950.

- Team MING

Published: April 2021