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Fratello Watches (17 August 2020)

The Eclectium (25 December 2020)

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Fratello Watches (7 August 2020) - "...I think it’s a fantastic proposition. It looks unique, the finishing will likely crush anything double the price, and it will be exclusive. I will be ordering a two-tone on bracelet if you’re curious..."
Worn & Wound (7 August 2020)

Watches by SJX (7 August 2020)

Watch Media Online (Japanese, 7 August 2020)

Tidssonen (Norwegian, 7 August 2020)

The Eclectium (7 August 2020)

Watch Ya Gonna Do About It (7 August 2020) - "And as amazing as these offerings are, they all look how a tool watch should like. Their architecture is very robust looking, form following function. But the new MING 18.01 H41 looks different; it’s embedded in MING DNA, uses design codes borrowed from its other families, and that makes this to be one of the best stealth dive watches I have ever seen"

Watch I Love (7 August 2020)

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Ch24.pl (Polish, 10 August 2020)

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